July 6, 2008

Mango Festival 2008

fairchild mango festivalThis year, Fairchild celebrates the mangos of Africa in its 16th annual International Mango Festival. Fairchild's living genetic collection has nearly 400 mango cultivars, making it the largest collection in the world.
The mango came to Africa from Goa by way of the Portuguese traders. It is a staple of life in sub-Saharan households and a source of hard currency from export to Europe. From the green- and yellow-skinned varieties of the land of the Pharaohs, the mango-shaded streets of Accra, and the modern selections of South Africa, the mango has boldly shed its light on the Dark Continent.
From Mangos of Africa

The festival kicks-off Friday night with a party and continues on during the weekend with tree sales, cooking demonstrations, a fruit market, brunch and many other activities. I'll be peeling mangos Friday morning in preparation for the festival. It may seem silly, but hundreds of mangos need to be served up in square, bite-sized quantities for sampling. Over the weekend, I'll be making smoothies for visitors with my friend Bohopoetgirl, who also got inspired to volunteer. I really love mangos so I'm truly looking forward to tasting the fruits of my labor!

Visit the Mango Festival page for more details about the event.

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Debra Cortese said...

“Ripe” and “Spring Mango Blossom” art at Mango Festival
See a few of the fabulous artworks that will also be on display during this coming weekend’s Mango Art Exhibition at the 16th Annual Mango Festival at
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Miami. Artwork and list of participating artists (all Fairchild Volunteers) at: