July 27, 2008

Profile: Volunteers

Volunteers, originally uploaded by vicequeenmaria.

Left to right: Tom Privett, Sandra Galperin and Shary Privett.

Husband and wife team Tom and Shary Privett have been volunteering at Fairchild for one year and a couple of months, respectively. Tom gives tours of the butterfly garden on Saturdays while Shary has gotten involved in education. A former attorney, Tom is now a full-time school teacher.

Sandra Galperin has been volunteering at Fairchild for about 3 years. She has worked in the herbarium, as a garden host and with the tea events. She recently carried the olympic torch in San Francisco! The reason? Sandra has also devoted 31 years as a volunteer swim coach at Venetian Pool.

There are nearly 600 volunteers at Fairchild who contribute thousands of hours each year. Become part of the family and stop by this September for the recruitment events.