November 13, 2008

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary ...

Me in the fruit pavilion, as happy as can be. I'm always so happy in this place.

... how does your garden grow?

Some personal issues I have to deal with are keeping me from blogging. I hope to be back very soon with some posts about the wonderful classes I've taken and everything I've learned, not to mention the regular volunteer work I've done at Fairchild recently. There is so much I'm eager to share with you; I've taken volumes of notes and my appreciation for Fairchild and South Florida's gardening community has only grown deeper ... no pun intended!

It really is so truly historically rich ... I'm amazed and love this place all the more.

I just need a wee bit of time off from writing to take care of some things on the home front, but it actually pains me to not have the time/energy to write about something I love so much. I imagine this is how a tree would feel when it can't bear fruit!

Oh well. Patience, right? It's all about growing and seasons ... you see, you learn much about life when you work with plants.

Anyway, that being said, I suppose I don't have to remind readers that now with the nicer weather and all is a beautiful time to start enjoying Fairchild, Old Cutler, Matheson Hammock ...

Please stop by Fairchild's site. It's an excellent resource with info galore. Also, read my friend Doug's post on Old Cutler too. You need to take Old Culter to get to Fairchild. To me this is the most beautiful place in Miami. Hope you can enjoy it too. So much of South Florida history is tied to this special area by the bay.

So while I take my break, make sure you connect to nature in whatever way that is available to you. No harm can be done when we each take time every day to relate to nature, breathe and connect with that grounding energy of plants.

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