November 23, 2008


Serenity, originally uploaded by vicequeenmaria.

When I took Fairchild's architecture class (more on that, coming soon), I learned so much about the garden's architect, William Lyman Phillips. Did you know, he also designed Matheson Hammock, Miami-Dade county's first official park? You don't really think of parks as places you "design" but just look at this photo. There is a vista, beyond the atoll, of eternity. He must've known that when he designed the enclosed pool with the palm trees in the background.

Actually the row of palms in between Fairchild and Matheson (they are adjacent properties) are supposed to tie in the entire landscape in this area of Biscayne Bay.

Matheson Hammock is a very special Miami place that everyone can enjoy. Can you believe that on the other side of this photo is the Miami skyline? It's really an urban oasis.

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Lara Wechsler said...

This brings back memories, that is exactly where I would lie in the sun almost everyday after school when I was obsessed with getting a tan. I would ride my bike there, for a time, everyday after school by myself and lie down right about where you took this photo.